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Swivel-EAZ® Casters

The revolutionary Swivel-EAZ® wheel is now offered in complete swivel and rigid caster configurations by Northwest Caster.

The unique design of the Swivel-EAZ® features a split-tread wheel offering independent swivel surfaces.  This innovative wheel reduces rolling resistance and minimizes initial start forces.  Swivel-EAZ® wheels are offered with 10 different non-marking elastomeric wheel tread options and offer increased load-carrying capability over standard caster wheels.  They are maintenance-free for longer service life.

Northwest Caster offers Swivel-EAZ® casters on a special order basis - utilizing these innovative wheels in complete swivel and rigid casters with load ratings up to 10,000 lbs.  A full array of options are available for Swivel-EAZ® casters, including, but not limited to toe guards, integrated face contact wheel brakes and swivel locks for directional travel.

For any caster application where ergonomic considerations require low push/pull forces to establish and sustain motion, Swivel-EAZ® casters are an excellent choice.  Please contact us and allow us to suggest a special Swivel-EAZ® caster that is unique for your application.